Random Optimist!



The sun was up, early and dry,

Yet another day when rains would be shy.

Late was I for the chores of the day,

An event that had always had its way.


Promises and resolutions made and taken,

Always firm but successfully broken,

In familiar territories, I become a stranger

Only to see myself significant no longer.


“Wonder is important”, said someone, I remember.

It is what maketh life “humdrum to humdinger”.

So leaving the chore I sought to wonder,

What was the fault that eluded my ponders.


Serenity had not always been my yearning,

Although I often question what is my craving.

Seeking answers seems seldom helpful,

For you will often get lost amidst people, plentiful.


Potters wheel is what that is analogous to the mind,

Mould it well and it will remain firm and bind.

But what if the hands are naïve at the art

Could there be a way out of the blot and dirt?


So once again it is back to square one

All that “is” now looks “was” and “undone”

Fault is within I must admit, and realize

“Darkest is the hour before the sun appears”



The Unuttered!

You can’t always be “great”

And there is this which is not at all great.

Again there is this that you are; but still you are not.

Its never important to be “the important”.

Only if the world could understand that.

Yet why to blame it,

For,who has at any place,

Or at any given time ?

Only if the world could decipher something important,

Out of this unimportance.

Its not like that all “these” bothers me a bit

Still deep down,

The embolism persists.

But who you are to care,or

For that matter “spare a minute” of your endless thought.

And who am I to complain?

Are n’t you the master?

Still I am the unreconciled.

Child though I may sound,

This refuses to ebb away.

And now the vial of tranquilizer, although near to the eyes

Seems far away.

And that is why,

Beneath this nonchalance lies the fear,

Something that is  “Unuttered

Darrang College not “The Wrong College”

(Written and put up as a Facebook note on the author’s Facebook page 0n February 2012 No particular reason for re-posting it here)


Oh can’t imagine myself to be writing this stuff; but well imagination is something and now I am really writing it.


     To start with I must go back to the summer of 2007, the time when my H.S.L.C results were declared. Until then, I was all set to grabbing my mark sheet and head for the upper Assam township of Dibrugarh to enroll myself in the reputed Salt Brook Academy. But life never goes the way you plan it. The day the results were out, out of the blue, I made a U –turn and decided to study here with my friends at Darrang College (a decision which I have questioned many times since then).


   Two years ended in a jiffy. Exams came and went and then we were to sit for the entrance examinations. Most of my friends went to pursue engineering courses. I tried to get past the Medical entrance hurdle; but failed to do so. So finally I decided to study Biology for my graduation and yes from the Darrang College for the second time. This time, though, college was different. On the previous occasion, I was in the college amidst all the known friends and the unknown teachers. This time it was just the opposite. Having studied for two years, most of the teachers were known to me; but I had a different set of friends, all from different places. I remember skipping the first class of my second stint at the college. Battered and bruised (after my performance in the entrance examinations), I finally started my journey to attain a graduation certificate from the second day. Today, three years down the line, I feel that I have had a good time.


    Three years it has been and I must thank all the teachers for their support at every juncture of life. Abhijit sir, Malobika madam, Binita madam, Manideep sir, Jyotikamal sir et al have been just wonderful people who have constantly stood by us and lend us that helping hand  whenever we found ourselves in a precarious situation.     


 However, the three long years would not have been the way I see them today if it were not for the great assortment of friends with whom I have had some really great time.

Be it the gruelling hours at the classrooms or unending sessions of practicals, we did have a good time. How we prepared and sat for the Chemistry and Botany practical exams while we were in the second year was a simply cherishing experience. We kind of, redefined the virtue of team work and camaraderie during that time.


       But the most memorable event has to be the thirteen day excursion, the entire group undertook, during the Puja holidays of 2011. From persuading the teachers to planning the entire tour and finally going on the trip was an exhilarating experience. For a month or more, everything else apart from the excursion had taken a back seat. Persuading the reluctant friends to go along with us, reminding everybody of the day we would start the tour (through innumerable texts), appearing in the preponed exams and the shopping carnival (before, during and after the tour) were all worth doing as we did set for the National Capital of the country. The endless rounds of dumb-charades, the antics of Debasis Das , the high pitched laughter, the ubiquitous view of the “birds nest” etc never made the train journey monotonous which was otherwise beset with long delays. The outings at Delhi, the ride around Dehradun and the boat ride at Nainital are some of the beautiful moments that will always remain etched in my memory. The bag-loss incident, notwithstanding, the journey was indeed a terrific one.


    I attended almost all the classes during my final year at the college although I missed a few on medical grounds. My classes are almost over now and finally its time to bid adieu to the college- the Darrang College- a place which has indeed been  like a second home for five long years. Disappointed? Yes, I am. But, did I anticipate it?  A big No.


    A few days from now, I will definitely miss the yellow and red contours of the college building walls, the ambience of the college library, the long queues at the time of admissions, the innumerable phuchkas near the College book stall (those phuchkas were the suspects of attacking me with a bout of viral hepatitis), the Kurkure ,chocolates, soft drinks and candies at the ATM joint, the adda’s at the best Tea shop in the region ( Dadu’s special tea :P), the luncheons celebrating Christmas-a friends’ fathers birthday or the 31st December (winks) ; the room with the big pillar at Samir’s paying guest, the classes at the Department of Zoology, and most important of all the company of my friends.


 The last three years indeed made me realize (to a large extent) all the things that are missed after one’s college life.


   A word of acknowledgement to every single major mate in the department for bearing with a “difficult guy to get along with” Homo sapien like me.


   Admiration and good wishes for Pankaj Kumar Mili (for being a constant source of smile and laughter), Debasis Das (for being outspoken and pulling me down in the right spirit), Mridusmita Mahanta (for being a wonderful friend), Dhurjati Pathak (for being with us in a Mr. India style or more like the Queen bee ), Jaideep Rajput (for literally being the ‘bhai’in the entire group), Steffi M. Moshahary (for that ever smiling face), Gitanjali Chetry (for that accent while speaking), Susmita Saikia (for her initial hesitation to be a part of any event), Madhusmita Doley (for her ‘he he he’ and her cell phone), Sadhana Yadav (for never getting tired of writing), Rekha Jina (for playing the game of Hide n Seek while it comes to attending classes).



   Oh yes, it does feel great to write about all my buddies. The post would be endless and I have intentionally and unintentionally ignored certain anecdotes; but I need to stop somewhere. A five year long journey coming to an end and looking back I do feel good about it. Love you all  and especially “The Wrong college” which proved yet again that it’s never “Wrong”


                                          “A journey is best measured in friends, rather than miles.”

                                                                                                                      – Tim Cahill